Vitargo Pure 2kg

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Vitargo - Pure 2 Kg

Whether you’re an endurance athlete looking for more energy, or a bodybuilder looking to quickly refill glycogen storages and achieve the glycemic peak for increased protein synthesis and muscle gains, Vitargo Pure is for you – as it is for the thousands of elite athletes, including powerlifters, competitive bodybuilders and Olympic medalists. Vitargo Pure offers pure Vitargo Carbohydrates with no additions and virtually zero sugars, zero fat and zero protein.

Vitargo comes in a convenient powder so you can add as much as you need to your drink (or protein shake) depending on how much you want to carbo-load.


  • 100% Vitargo
  • Better than maltodextrine and dextrose
  • Quicker glycogen replenishment
  • Rapid stomach emptying - quick energy

Aanbevolen gebruik Vitargo Carboloader
Vul een fles met 200 ml water, voeg 2,5 maatscheppen (72 g) toe en voeg 300-400 ml water toe.