Trec Nutrition Amino Max 6800

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Contents: 160 caps

  • Fast regeneration after training
  • Ultra-pure amino acid capsules
  • With added L-glutamine, taurine and vitamins

AMINOMAX 6800 is designed to quickly replenish amino acid deficiency, a condition which occurs after an intense workout or as a result of insufficient protein intake. AMINOMAX 6800 contains a composition of amino acids and micropeptides derived from whey protein concentrate hydrolyzate with a considerable addition of pure L-Glutamine and Taurine, all of which contribute to its ideal aminogram. AMINOMAX 6800 is also enhanced with Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, thanks to which amino acids are used more efficiently in the body.


Recommended daily allowance is 8 capsules. Wash down with 300 ml of water. On workout days: 8 capsules directly after your workout. On non-workout days: twice a day, 4 capsules on each occasion, 30 min. before a meal.


Do not exceed recommended daily allowances. Children, pregnant and nursing woman should not take the product. Follow manufacturer's instructions from the packaging. Store in a dry place, out of reach of children.

Active ingredients

Amount per serving 8 cap*

L-Glutamic Acid 1.02 g

L-Aspartic Acid 0.64 g

L-Leucine 0.63 g

L-Lysine 0.54 g

L-Threonine 0.43 g

Taurine 0.40 g

L-Valine 0.34 g

L-Proline 0.34 g

L-Isoleucine 0.34 g

L-Serine 0.32 g

L-Alanine 0.29 g

L-Glutamine 0.28 g

L-Phenylalanine 0.19 g

L-Tyrosine 0.18 g

L-Arginine 0.16 g

L-Cysteine ​​0.14 g

L-Glycine 0.11 g

L-Histidine 0.11 g

L-Methionine 0.11 g

L-Tryptophan 0.08 g

Vit. C 32.00 mg (40%*)

Vit. B6 1.40 mg (100%*)