Stacker 2 Multi Kick (150g)

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Smaak: Orange

Multi Kick

Multi Kick is a next-generation health formula to give you an extra dose of vitamins, minerals, bioactive substances, micro nutrients, antioxidants and greens. Because Multi Kick is offered in powder form, you are able to easily consume a daily dose of 5 grams. You only have to dissolve it in water to create a delicious orange drink.

Lightning fast recording
Multi Kick absorbs faster than capsules or tablets! You can also adjust your dosage yourself by dissolving a little more or less powder.

Multi Kick contains 32 active substances (in addition to vitamins and minerals, also greens, bioactive substances, antioxidants and micro nutrients) and is therefore many times more complete and of higher quality than an average multivitamin.

Key points of Multi Kick

- High-quality vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients

- 32 active ingredients

- Includes dried vegetable and fruit extracts

- Ultra high dosage of vitamin B12 and zinc

- Orange lemonade taste after dissolving in water

A brief overview of some health effects of vitamins and minerals

- Activates your natural energy level (vitamin b12)

- Good for concentration (iron, zinc and iodine)

- Promotes energy metabolism (vitamin b3, b6, b12)

- Contributes to hormone balance (zinc, vitamin b5, vitamin b6)

- For maintaining strong bones (calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, vitamin D)