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Revange Nutrition Tudca MAXX is a powerful supportive and healing supplement for the liver. Contains components that activate the processes of liver cell regeneration, contribute to the outflow of bile and support the filtering capabilities of this organ.


  • Promotes improved liver regeneration;
  • Protects liver cells from destruction;
  • Increases the outflow of bile and the excretion of toxins;
  • Improves kidney function, improves the action of insulin.

What is Tudca MAXX for?

  1. To support the course of sports pharmacology and PKT;
  2. To support the liver when drinking a large number of sports nutrition and pharmacy nutritional supplements;
  3. For those who already have liver pathologies - in this case you will support and significantly improve the work of this organ.

Tudca MAXX

Tudca is a naturally produced substance in the human body (tauuroursodeoxycholycic acid). Tukda cleanses bile from toxic and toxic substances, protecting the liver from damage. Reduces bile stagnation and prevents the formation of gallbladder stones.

NAC - improves kidney function and protects liver cells from destruction under the influence of toxins. NAC is a powerful antioxidant and immunomodulator.

Turmeric - increases the ability of beta cells to produce insulin and reduces the risk of diabetes. Also prevents the development of prostate malignancies, gastrointestinal tract, etc.

L-Glutathione - removes from the liver foreign compounds and drugs.

Rosemary Leaves extract - prevents fibrosis (sealing) of the liver.

Phospholipids - protects the cell membranes of liver cells and promotes their accelerated regeneration.

Na-r-ALA - improves metabolism in the cells of the body, accelerates glucose excretion and optimizes the action of insulin.

Polycosanol is a medical drug to reduce LDL (harmful cholesterol).

Tudca MAXX from Revange Nutrition is a comprehensive medicine to improve liver function and prevent diseases of this organ. Universal for those who take hormonal drugs, and for those who simply want to support the liver.