Blackstone Labs ANOGENIN 60 Caps

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Blackstone Labs is marketed as a company that offers a wide range of hardcore products for bodybuilders and athletes. From extremely strong pH's such as Super Trenabol to HRT alternatives such as APEX Male. There is literally something for everyone. The latest product that they are extremely enthusiastic about and unique on the market is Anogenin, a naturally occurring plant steroid.

How can a steroid occur naturally? Several plants in the wild are known to contain steroids, but only recently has it been possible to extract the substance from the plant and reproduce it on a large scale. And because it comes from plants and not organic like testosterone, it fits into everyone's FDA-approved diet.

Not yet familiar with Blackstone Labs products? It's a great option to start with. 6 weeks of anogenin as a standalone cycle where you can make lean mass and substantial strength gains on all the major lifts, while reducing body fat percentages.

For bodybuilders and athletes who already have experience with Blackstone Products, but find it annoying to go off again between cycles. A low dose of Anogenin would be ideal for bridging between heavy bulking or cutting stacks.

Because Anogenin does not increase testosterone levels or affect hormone levels, women who want to make muscle gains can use it without fear of all the nasty negative side effects. Ano genin can be taken in addition to all other blackstone products.

Anogenin is not a “maybe” product, “maybe” it works for some and not for others. Anogenin works for everyone!

– Non-toxic for your liver

– Can be used by women

– Increases protein metabolism

– Increases Nitro Oxygen (NO) retention

– Lowers cortisol

– Undetectable in steroid tests

– Can be used during cycle and pct