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Taste: Orange Mango

L-carnitine 3000
DRINK READY, extremely high dose LIQUID L-Carnitine SINGLE portioned ampoules.


L-Carnitine 3000 is a high dose liquid L-carnitine base, which contains 3000 mg L-carnitine per dose. It was specially created for avid athletes, to help them achieve their fitness goals. Like all BioTech USA, L-Carnitine 3000 mg is 100% safe and carefully selected ingredients.


Take L-Carnitine 3000 once a day, 30 minutes before training or other physical activity.


lemon flavor: Water, L-carnitine 12% acid (citric acid), sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame-K), preservatives (potassium sorbate), flavor, color (yellow FCF **). **May affect children's activity or attention.