Alpha Lion Superhuman - Pre 378 gr

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Taste: Hulk Juice Sour (Gummy Bear)


The original, high-performance pre-workout that is the gold standard of training intensity. Its jam-packed but well-rounded formula is the perfect solution for anyone struggling with gym motivation or stagnant workouts.

  • 4 Premium, Trademarked Ingredients
  • 100% transparent label
  • Research Supported Ingredients
  • Banned Substance Free
  • Safe, side effect Free

Fully Disclosed Formula. Premium Trademarked Ingredients.

Backed by Research for Maximum Effectiveness!

We take pride in our Full Label Disclosure, so you see the exact amount of EVERY active ingredient used inside, which means:

  • No Proprietary Blends (aka full transparency)
  • Scientifically-studied, premium ingredients
  • And most importantly… No BS!

Measure SXT™ Energy and Focus

Superhuman Pre-Workout provides long-lasting, all-day energy powered by our novel SXT™ Energy and Focus System...

Combining THREE different caffeines to promote a fast-acting and sustained energy experience that minimizes the "spike and crash" effect with traditional pre-workouts.

  • 1 Caffeine Anhydrous
  • 2 zumXR Extended Release Caffeine
  • 3 zumXR Delayed-Release Caffeine