Nattybol 60 caps


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Nattybol is the highly potent ingredient Laxogenin in a huge mega dosage of 150mg per capsule. Making it over 5 times the value compared to competitors at 25mg per capsule.

Highly Anabolic

Non Liver Toxic

No PCT Needed

60 Days Supply

Studies show that in mega dosages (like 100mg) laxogenin improves nitrogen retention and protein synthesis to levels thought impossible without the use of anabolic steroids. What sets Nattybol from other anabolic compounds, is that its completely natural!

Laxogenin also helps reduce cortisol which over time leads to greater muscle gains and improved fat loss. From one bottle of Nattybol you will be able to see noticeable muscle gains and large increases in all major lifts. Added to this Laxogenin will enhance your recover to new levels allowing you to train more frequently and still recover at a rapid pace.

Nattybol also contains 5mg of Black Pepper Extract per capsule which helps your body absorb and utilize Laxogenin.