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ZMA is a synergistically active system of 3 active ingredients: zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. This is a seemingly very interesting combination that is only apparently a supplement that simply supplements magnesium and zinc in our diet. However, thanks to the use of a patented formula, supplementation with these minerals takes on a whole new dimension. The phenomenon of ZMA is based on the use of the most technologically advanced forms of zinc and magnesium in strictly defined proportions. The original ZMA formula, exactly like REVANGE, is based on the so-called amino acid chelates of zinc and magnesium. Chelated minerals are characterized by extremely high bioavailability and biological activity. The absolute bioavailability was obtained thanks to the protection of amino acid minerals. Thanks to this treatment, zinc and magnesium are based on the adverse effects of the gastrointestinal tract environment, they do not adversely interact with other compounds. They can therefore be absorbed into the bloodstream and then distributed throughout the body in an unchanged form - exerting biological activity in the target tissues.
The role of zinc and magnesium:
ZMA is a formula that, using a wide range of action of magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6, was designed to liberate and intensify all natural processes aimed at improving the regeneration of the body.
Minerals, in particular zinc and magnesium, are extremely important and often ignored as part of the diet of athletes. Hardly anyone realizes that their proper intake in a straight line determines the proper course of metabolic processes. They take part in all processes of tissue growth and regeneration. Without an adequate amount of minerals, the body's balance is strongly disturbed, which is manifested by fatigue, lack of sufficiently high activity and, consequently, the lack of appropriate training effects. Minerals are an indispensable element conditioning proper secretion of many important enzymes and hormones of our body. If there are no minerals in our body, it will probably be reflected in the hormonal and enzymatic imbalance. Homeostasis of the system; physiologically correct state of harmony, faces a strong threat.
Magnesium and zinc are particularly susceptible to leaching in the face of a large load on the body with stress, physical and mental strain. Their deficiency is a very frequent phenomenon, not only in physically active people and athletes. In the face of their deficiencies or imbalances in relation to other compounds, the processes of regeneration, dysregulation of the nervous system, tiredness, weakness of immunity, deterioration of training effects, decrease of physical and mental capacity, disturbance of circadian rhythms, sleep disorders, muscle cramps, inhibition of growth occur. strength and muscle mass, dysregulation of hormonal balance (improper action and secretion of growth factors, enzymes and hormones contributing to the processing of nutrients, which results in a decrease in muscle mass and / or an increase in the amount of adipose tissue).
For the most part, we do not have the ability to "store" the excess mineral. Everything you supply is used for current needs, and excess must be removed from the body. There is not much opportunity to run reserves at the time of deficit. That's why you should know that if you care about health, the proper functioning of the body, then you should take care of the proper consumption of minerals. If you do not want anything to stand in the way of your sporting success, use ZMA regularly from REVANGE Nutrition!
What are the additional benefits of using ZMA +?

The most important aspect is the naturally anabolic actions of this formula. By supporting the production and proper action of anabolic hormones such as: testosterone (T), growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), the use of ZMA has beneficial effects in the form of improving the regeneration and growth of muscle tissue. The effect of ZMA activity is therefore related not only to the specific properties of zinc and magnesium, but above all to the activity of these powerful hormones. The increase in the secretion of the anabolic system T, GH and IGF-1 promotes not only the accelerated synthesis of body proteins, but also general regeneration, well-being, high energy levels and libido. By controlling the proper level and proper insulin activity, ZMA has extremely strong inhibitory properties of "organic nitrogen escape" - it has a very beneficial anti-catabolic effect - it protects muscle proteins against breakdown and damage. This phenomenon occurs during low supply of food and / or very high activity of the body as hard work, stress or sports training. The control over the release and proper insulin activity contributes to protecting us against the phenomenon of so-called insulin resistance, which allows for better use of all nutrients during the use of high-calorie diets focused on weight gain. The proper functioning of insulin is the key to such processing of nutrients so that they can be used to build muscle tissue and regeneration instead of being deposited in adipose tissue. Protection against deficiencies of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 may therefore bring additional benefits in the form of an increase in pure muscle mass.
The effect on the synthesis and functioning of the endocrine system is this aspect of the action of ZMA, which should be particularly interesting for athletes using doping agents - steroids and pro hormones. The use of ZMA during the cycle allows to some extent to minimize some of the unfavorable aspects of these measures. Due to some antiestrogenic properties, ZMA allows you to maintain proper skin condition, reduces oily skin and tendency to breakouts. A minimal limitation of the subcutaneous water retention may also be noticeable. Strengthening is also the body's resistance, which is particularly weak during the use of steroids. ZMA has permanently entered the repertoire of funds used to help restore the natural hormonal balance after the end of doping. It is one of the measures supporting the standard procedure of "unblocking" - although it can not be replaced in any case - contributes to improving its operation, increasing libido and maintaining the effects of the cycle.
Another very interesting aspect of the operation is control over the proper functioning of the nervous system. ZMA supervises the preservation of the proper circadian rhythm. Use in the evening helps in relaxing, restoring proper muscle tone. The organism is thus much easier to enter into a state of deep and relaxing sleep, during which regeneration and relaxation proceed faster and more efficiently. People using ZMA often report the effect of relaxation and easier waking up even with a relatively short sleep time. The effect of restoring proper muscle tone is also extremely important during training. It allows not only for long and effective work, but also prevents pathological and painful contractions.
2 capsules 30 minutes before bedtime