Alpha Lion Gains Candy Nitrosigine® - Premium Nitric Oxide Support 63 caps


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Gains Candy™ Nitrosigine®

Premium Nitric Oxide Support†

Enhance your physical performance with Gains Candy™ Nitrosigine®, a patented complex that supports long-lasting nitric oxide production. Nitrosigine® promotes increased pumps, nitric oxide production, cognitive focus, and improves blood flow.

  • Novel, Research Backed Nitric Oxide Boosting Support
  • Supports Pumps & Increased Blood Flow
  • Promotes Enhanced Nutrient Delivery
  • Helps Promote Increased Cognitive Performance

Long-Lasting Nitric Oxide Production To Help Promote Increased Physical Performance!†


Helps Improve Blood Flow for Muscle Pumps

Helps Increase Nitric Oxide Production in the Body

Helps Support Enhanced Nutrient Delivery

Helps Improve Mental Focus and Acuity

Fully Disclosed Formula. Premium Trademarked Ingredients.

Backed by Research for Maximum Effectiveness!

We take pride in our Full Label Disclosure, so you see the exact amount of EVERY active ingredient used inside, which means:

  • No Proprietary Blends (aka full transparency)
  • Scientifically-studied premium ingredients
  • And most importantly… No excuses!

Nitrosigine® is a patented complex of Bonded Arginine Silicate backed by over 30 studies to help promote increased pumps, nitric oxide production, and cognitive focus.†